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Upper Fuladou West MP Criticized Minister Sillah For Developments In Opposition-Dominated Areas

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Hon. Bakary B. Kora, National Assembly Member for Upper Fuladou West

By Buba Gagigo

Hon. Bakary B. Kora, National Assembly Member for Upper Fuladou West, has criticized Minister of Transport, Works, and Infrastructure Ebrima Sillah for providing development projects in areas that he said are dominated by the opposition.

“Politics can be quite intriguing, with actions that sometimes seem intended to undermine or sabotage. Similarly, certain actions are taken to encourage people to leave the president’s party. In this context, I find it necessary to express my concern regarding Minister Ebrima Sillah’s decisions regarding projects. Being familiar with the country, it raises questions as to why he would allocate some of these projects to areas that are unlikely to support President Barrow in elections.” he asked.

The Upper Fuladu West National Assembly Member said Kiang West is one of those areas that will never vote for President Barrow, even if he builds a story building in each compound.

“Yonna is like that, Kujaw is like that, Niani is like that, Sami is like that but he gave them electricity and also gave them water,” he said.

Honorable Kora said that this is one of the reasons why some of the president’s National People’s Party supporters are angry.

“They just want the people supporting the president to be angry. If he’s giving the opposition electricity and water and leaving us and we are people supporting the president, how are we going to see President Barrow’s government? If that continues we will also be angry and that is the rumor in Upper and Lower Fuladu,” he said.

He also urged President Barrow to remember the Central River Region, which he described as the powerhouse of the National People’s Party. The region includes the districts of Lower and Upper Fuladu and Niamina.

“Today NPP’s powerhouse in CRR is Lower and Upper Fuladu and Niamina. President Barrow should not forget CRR South because his second wife is from Upper Fuladu. We should tell each other the truth. People will even start thinking we the National Assembly Members are not doing anything while we are talking every day. Is time to tell President Barrow what we want. 

“Just like the boreholes they started, they could not complete it for three years now. Sarre Sofie, Sarre Salire, Bantanto, and Kerr Njaga,  are among (the villages that have incomplete boreholes). That is sabotage. These are some of the reasons people refused to vote for NPP during the last local government elections. President Barrow should observe and sack all the Ministers that are not there for him and replace them with others. People know them and the president knows them,” he concluded.

Bakary B. Kora is the National Assembly Member for Upper Fuladou West. He made these comments in a WhatsApp audio posted on an NPP forum.

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