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The press release issued by the Government, is flimsy and clumsy in nature.







Hon. Omar Ceesay
NAM Niamina East




The said press release discouraging intending travellers to attend “magal” in Touba, Senegal holds no water in as much as the President and team continues to disregard the Ministry of Health’s precautionary measures. I have no intention whatsoever to jeopardize the health of our people especially in relation to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC but the press release appears to be unbearable, incredible and unconvincing, considering the current political happening in The Gambia involving the President.

The recent laying of foundation stones by the President and supporters, including the Ministry of Health; among other top Government officials in different geographical locations within The Gambia is politically motivated and sends strong message to the citizenry that COVID-19 no longer exist in The Gambia as they grossly and disorderly disregarded COVID-19 precautionary measures. Regardless of the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 yet the Head of State and team blatantly continued on their political tour to score political points without any condemnation or discouragement from our health authorities including the Health Minister.

People who are mobilised to attend the President’s political tour are mostly students and their parents who are farmers, their lives and livelihoods at stake by having learning centres and Lumos closed. The Government should be reminded that 673,300 students’ educational future are directly affected because of COVID-19 yet they are using them for political campaigns.

I call on the Health Ministry to condemn the move undertaken by the President and team otherwise their press release is meaningless in nature.

Hon.Omar Ceesay
NAM, Niamina East

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