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The Gambia Action Party’s Independence message

Musa Yali Batchilly
SG & Party leader GAP


Today marks a true reflection of selfless service of the people who struggled for the attainment of self governance and realization as a nation. In an effort to liberate our people from dependency to self esteem and with the mantra of reaching out to the targeted goals clock fifty six years exemption of reliance.

This is the spirit of servant leadership and as we celebrate this year’s anniversary, The Gambia Action Party strives for genuine feeling towards national development. Our independence as a nation has no denotation or referent when majority of the citizens wallow in abject poverty and starvation as survival becomes an uphill battle for more than half of the country’s population. The rise in commodity prices at the markets has no justification and does not depict the true nature of the Gambian standards of living as poverty continue to grip our nation.

Our agricultural and socio-economic sectors have been crippled, the educational frontiers are becoming increasingly difficult to align with the international standard, the healthcare sector in deterioration and the dilapidated conditions of the roads still exist. The Gambia Action Party led government shall ensure better operational measures geared towards this endeavour.

Fellow Gambians, self food sufficiency, well secured nation with effective border control, low crime rates, extirpation of corruption, provision for the youth development mechanisms and the people centric approach shall be implemented under a GAP led administration as development can only be grabbed when our teeming youth engross in various businesses, transforming their talents, skills and expertise to produce goods that we need for survival.

Our independence as a nation is meaningless when our government is in dereliction state of affairs to beshield the sovereignty and protecting our birthright is a cause that we cannot afford to swerve. Our mission is to ensure the Gambia compete globally in all fronts.

We call for all the citizens to be law abiding and maintain the good relationships amongst ourselves as the sovereign owners of The Gambia. In our quest for development, we must not base our daily practices on tribalism, defamatory comments, regional, religious or sectional connotations as we are all Gambians on an equal grounds. Our ideological political differences must not create enmity, divisiveness, hatred or harbour anger against one another but a clear manifestation that our strength as a nation rest on ideals, unity, friendliness and component necessary for the nation’s triumph.

As COVID-19 engulf the nation, we call on everyone to be in adherence of W.H.O protocols and Ministry of Health. Life will never be the same again as we lost dear ones and more people getting infected by the day, we pray for the departed souls and let life be back to normalcy.

Secretary General & Party Leader of GAP,
Hon Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly.

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