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Sixty Students Implicated In UTG Grade Scandal

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University of the Gambia

By Buba Gagigo

The investigation report into the alleged grade tampering at the University of The Gambia has been released, implicating 60 students and resulting in the banning of one lecturer.

“A total of 60 students (27 females and 33 males) are implicated in the saga, and the findings and recommendations are as follows:

1 (one) student collected his certificate but has returned it to management. His certificate will be officially recalled and revoked.

10 students have already collected their attestations but not yet awarded their degree certificates. Their transcripts/attestations will be recalled and revoked.

Forty-seven (47) students will have their grades reversed to their original state. 2 students were not found guilty because the alteration of their grades was authorized,” UTG reveals.

They said the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee were considered and approved by the Governing Council at its special meeting held on September 2, 2023, with some modifications:

“In addition to the dismissal of Dr. John T. Mendy, a ban be placed on him taking employment in the university for a period of 15 years and That, for students whose grades will be reversed to their original state, they will only be allowed to re-sit and regularize their degree certificates and transcripts after one academic year, i.e., the first semester of the 2024-2025 academic year,” they said.

According to the university management, the fact-finding investigative panel was constituted on January 30th, 2023, and the panel completed its work on June 5, 2023, and submitted a report. 

“In accordance with the University of The Gambia Conditions of Service and other extant regulations, the report was submitted to the University Disciplinary Committee, comprising two members of the Governing Council, two members of the Senate, and one external member,” they said.

They said the Disciplinary Committee conducted seven sittings from June 21″, 2023, to August 30, 2023, and adopted the report of the Fact Finding Investigative Panel, and further examined it to determine the appropriate course of action to take in response to the alleged grade alteration/tampering.

“The Disciplinary Committee (DC-UTG) diligently carried out its responsibilities by conducting interviews, reviewing relevant documents, and gathering evidence about staff and students implicated in the grade alteration/tampering saga. The DC-UTG members ensured a fair and unbiased investigation, adhering to the principles of natural justice and due process.

“To conduct a thorough and precise analysis, the Disciplinary Committee (DC-UTG) examined data related to various aspects of the student population at the university. These aspects included the gender distribution of those involved in the grade tampering incident, as well as (1) students who already completed their programmes and received their certificates; (2) students who obtained their attestations but not yet awarded degree certificates; and (3) students currently enrolled in the university with various courses to be completed,” they explained.

In light of these allegations, they said the DC-UTG reviewed the evidence and testimonies and made recommendations to the university governing council concerning grade alteration/tampering, which had serious disciplinary infractions and implicated the integrity of the university community.

“Consequently, four members of staff were found responsible for altering or tampering with students, and thus it is recommended that one of the staff be dismissed from the University and banned from taking employment in the university for a period of 10 university years, while the other three be terminated. The DC-UTG recommended that all altered or tampered grades be reversed to their original state. Students implicated in altering or tampering with grades who have already received their degree certificates and transcripts should have them recalled and revoked. The DC-UTG also recommended that the affected students be given the opportunity to re-sit and regularize their degree certificates and transcripts,” they stated.

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