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Sedia Jatta Advises Electorates To Scrutinize Candidates Before Voting

Honourable Sedia Jatta
PDOIS Chairperson


By Landing Ceesay 


The Chairperson of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) Honourable Sedia Jatta urged electorates to scrutinize presidential candidates before giving them their votes. 


“In the December 4th election, it is left with you people to decide whether to continue with the suffering you are facing or to go out of it. So, if you want to get out of the suffering you are facing, then you have to properly check on people who want to be in charge of your day to day affairs. Know what kind of lives they are living and how they are surviving. You should check the delegations backing them. Make sure you know what kind of delegates they are, and to know whether they come just to have a position and exploit the resources; Or they have come to suffer for the country and remove the country from the difficulties it is currently facing. Make sure you vote for people who solve your problems,” Hon. Jatta advised. 


Sedia who doubles as the party’s head of Bureau of Foreign Affairs said the Gambia is at a time, which is very important.


“The time we are in right now is very important and critical. It is time that shows that you people own the country. This is the time you should keep us accountable both those in the government and those who want to come to power. You should keep those in power accountable because they told you something when they were coming into power. If they fulfil what they told you when coming to power you can continue to support them. But if they don’t fulfil what they told you when coming to power then you have a right to remove them and bring new people,” he said. 


The veteran politician added that people failed to understand that their vote is their power and that they can remove any leader who does not fulfil his or her promises.


“There is something that people fail to understand is that your vote is your power and it is your right. If you vote for someone, it means you are putting your hopes on him to deliver. You are voting him to tell him indirectly that you have a wish to develop this country but they stand a better chance to do that for the benefit of the country. That is the meaning of voting for someone. Voting is not based on how beautiful or handsome a particular person is because I think beautiful or handsome people could steal,” he said. 


Jatta made these remarks at the PDOIS political rally in Latrikunda Germany on Tuesday.


The PDOIS Party is currently embarking on a nationwide tour as part of its presidential campaign. The tour begins on November 9 and it will run-up to December 2, 2021.

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