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Press Release: NPP/ APRC M.O.U In Circulation Not Authentic

Seedy NJIE
Deputy Spokesman NPP



TUESDAY 7th September, 2021.


The National People’s Party (NPP), wishes to inform the public, the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) trending in Social Media and purported to be signed by the recently formed NPP/APRC Alliance, does not in anyway, shape or form represent either in part or whole, any agreement between the NPP and the APRC. In sum, the purported MOU in circulation, is a manufactured, malicious piece of junk calculated by detractors to undermine the NPP/APRC Alliance and potentially, to create confusion and suspicion in the minds of Gambians.

The Secretary General and Party Leader of our great party (NPP), His Excellency President Adama Barrow, and the National Chairman and Party Leader of the APRC, Hon Fabakary Tombong Jatta, have recognized the growing necessity of working together in the best interest of national security, reconciliation, unity and peace for the common good of our diverse people. It is imperative that in a politically polarized country, good citizens and visionary leaders come together to build a Gambia where all citizens work in unison and harmony.

On this basis, the NPP/APRC Alliance is premised on a strategic National Security interest and reconciliation as opposed to the lies trending in Social Media.

Fundamentally, it is worth noting that, the alliance is between two legally registered political parties and not individuals.

At best, the purported unsigned MOU is a sham, lackluster effort of political opponents who themselves, wanted and employed all tactics and engagements for the APRC to back them in the December 4th Presidential Election without success. Doubtlessly, they would have visited the International Space Station to celebrate and hail their alliance with APRC and would have described it as best fitted for the country’s healing process and prosperity.

Ironically, the same detractors and party, openly celebrated people, once powerful APRC government functionaries, some of whom were found wanting by the Janneh Commission of Inquiry and adversely mentioned as embezzling millions of tax payers’ money, there are as well those who appeared before the TRRC as gross human rights violators only to be treated to a red carpet reception by the highest leadership of the opposition United Democratic Party(UDP) and described as good Gambian citizens by the UDP.

Conversely, the APRC’s Fabakary Tombong Jatta-led National Executive Committee Members who are regular politicians and never appeared before the Janneh Commission nor TRRC and or violated any law, are vilified by the UDP for merely exercising their rights to participate in the political process guaranteed by the 1997 Constitution. This constitutes the height of double standards and hypocrisy on the side of the UDP and other politicians hiding in the name of rights activism.

It is worthy of mention, that the same elements, out of sheer desperation, just moments after the announcement of the NPP/APRC Alliance, published a false statement that The Gambia for All Party was calling for a coalition merger of the remaining smaller parties only to be shamed by a GFA Party refutal of the false allegation.

Arguably, if there is any established crime the APRC as a legally registered Political Party has committed, is refusing to back the United Democratic Party and as such, rumor mongers resorted to drafting false MOUs, vilifying and propagating false claims which only exposes how naive and desperate they are to fabricate falsehood at all costs.

Despite all these false and political machinations, majority of Gambians believe, trust and appreciate President Adama Barrow’s discipline, commitment and resolve to build a sustained democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law; these values, the NPP will jealously safeguard post-December 4th, 2021 election.

It remains President Adama Barrow’s vision and fervent desire to continue his massive development agenda and democratization of this country irrespective of region and or tribe.

The National People’s Party envisages and enjoins all Gambians to close ranks and work together as a people to jealously safeguard our shared national pride of cohesion, unity and religious tolerance and build an all-inclusive Gambia for this and future generations.

Seedy SK NJIE,
Deputy Spokesman NPP.

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