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Police Reiterate Limited Resources Restricts Them To Combat Crimes Nationwide

Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie
Police Spokesperson

By Buba Gagigo 

The new police spokesperson has renewed her institution’s call that it is resource constrained to combat crimes happening in the country.

“We have very limited resources to combat all these crimes happening. We are not happy. We don’t sleep. We don’t go to bed. We are on the streets all the time. But we are not super humans. We cannot do it alone,” Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie said.

She went on to say that the resource constraint led to the formation of the community policing initiative by The Gambia Police Force, through which the public complement their efforts to curb crimes.

“This is why we came up with the community policing initiative. The members of the public ought to come forward, give us information, timely information, and most of the time when we act on that we get a desired result. So that’s the problem. We are appealing to the general public to be forthcoming with information and that would help us combat crime,” she added.

The police spokesperson made these remarks at a press conference at Kairaba Police Station on Thursday; while responding to a question on what they are doing to combat crimes happening in the country.

The press conference followed after the Gambia Police Force arrested two suspects over the alleged killing of a 62-year-old woman at her residence in Bakau on 4th September 2022. 

The lead investigator of the alleged murder, Cadet Assistant Superintendent Demba J. Bah; and Kanifing Municipality Deputy Regional Crime officer, Thomas R.J. Gomez joined spokesperson Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie at the event.

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