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Sulayman Bokar Bah

The People`s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism has since inception called for a change that addresses the socio-economic needs and aspirations of the Gambian people. The conceptual foundation for this change is rooted in the socialist economic model, which is designed to encourage public and private sector partnership for national development.

From liberation songs to speeches, the central elements that dominated discourse at the PDOIS Congress over the weekend, is the absence of a productive economy, couple with exploitation by foreign companies leading to massive poverty.

Over the years, PDOIS continued to present an alternative agenda to the Gambian people, which the party believes is suitable for the creation of a better society. PDOIS echoes its strategic policies towards building a progressive society.  The party’s cooperative economic model is a simple and pragmatic approach to deliver an all necessary economic transformation and advancement for The Gambia.

Contrary to the private sector led paradigm that has been adopted from the colonial times, PDOIS aims to adopt a new model that features state intervention in key strategic areas of the economy for job creation and infrastructural development. Crucial in this development model is PDOIS’ agenda to modernise our agriculture by transforming family farms into modern commercialised farms. Under this model, our fish and other sea products and other natural mineral resources, will be transformed into national industries to create jobs and wealth for the nation.

PDOIS’ 2021 Transformative Agenda seeks to reform existing state owned enterprises and establish new ones to increase our level economic productivity. PDOIS has always demonstrated commitment to serve the interest of the public and govern in the interest of the people. In short, PDOIS is a people centred party that has studied the Gambian situation and formulated policies and programs for a sustainable development model.

Therefore, PDOIS’ consistent commitment to this agenda is a good reason to support the party.  For rapid and sustainable economic development, PDOIS is the right choice.

By : Sulayman Bokar Bah

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