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On The Unfortunate Incidence Of Babadinding Jobarteh’s Welcoming To UDP

Babadinging Jobarteh
Former Justice Minister


By Matida Jallow

There is no doubt that the welcoming of Babanding Jorbateh to the UDP in a rosing fashion is an unforgivable action. This is the least one can expect from a Party like UDP. While Babanding has the Constitutional right to join a political party, and UDP as an established party as per the constitution cannot prevent any Gambian to join the party, the manner in which Mr Jobarteh was introduced on the stage is both politically and morally wrong, and it goes against the value of the party. This is the man who was adversely mentioned in the TRRC, and the timing is equally wrong putting into consideration the ongoing controversy over the NPP-APRC alliance, which has killed the purpose for which TRRC was established.

Therefore, the Gambians are expecting a public apology from UDP for this erroneous mistake.

Nonetheless, the joining of Mr Jorbateh to UDP cannot be interpreted and understood as a reflection of the Party’s position vis-a-vis the recommendation of the TRRC. The United Democratic Party is one of the few parties that showed an unconditional intention to implement the the recommendations of the party. Thus, the joining of an individual like Mr Jorbateh cannot make the party to compromise its stand and change its position vis-a-vis the TRRC recommendations regardless of the relative political weight that person might have.

Equally, the joining of Mr Jobarteh to UDP cannot be equated with the NPP-APRC alliance which was concluded at a party and organizational levels . The leadership of APRC and the prominent members of the party are in record for accusing the TRRC commission as witch-hunt established by UDP, as APRC as a party continues to deny all the extra Judiciary killings, unlawful imprisonments, rapes and abused of power committed by the leadership of the party. This forms a strong belief of APRC and their alliance with NPP was facilitated by the readiness of President Barrow to disregard the recommendation of TRRC and to allow the former President to return home.

Thus, APRC as party and the party executives unrepentantly formed an alliance with NPP, while Mr Jobarteh was never heard in public defending Yahya Jammeh and denying his involvement in all crimes and atrocities committed in his rein.

Despite this, the action of UDP is morally wrong, and we urge the leadership of the party to issue a press release to apologize for this.

UDP is dearly held and respected by the people for its sacrifice for the nation and for the harms and torture its members have endured under 22-years of dictatorship.

This is the least of what can be expected from the party.

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