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My advice to Baa, resign if…

Madi Jobarteh is a Gambian civil society activist

If indeed Pres. Adama Barrow knew that you were not in town and did not take part in the decision to pardon a pedophile and still went ahead to approve the decision to pardon this pedophile then resign!

Don’t be part of a corrupt and inefficient and incompetent system that only disrespects your dignity and undermines your authority and abuses the rules of law.

We recall during the days of Yaya Jammeh when that Despot sacked the deputy British High Commissioner when Foreign Minister Sedat Jobe was out of town. Upon getting the news Mr. Jobe rightly resigned because of the blatant disrespect to him and disregard of due protocols.

In this matter you face the same situation and common sense requires that you consider first and foremost the supreme interests of The Gambia in the way this matter was addressed.

For example has the rule of law being followed? Has due regard being given to the procedures? Have you been accorded due respect and recognition to your position as the Attorney General and the substantive member of this committee on prerogative of mercy?

In the first place Section 82 of our Constitution requires the setting up of this committee to purposefully advice the president. Subsection 2 states,

“There shall be a Committee on the exercise of the prerogative of mercy consisting of the Attorney General and three other persons appointed by the president subject to confirmation by the National Assembly.”

Since January 2017 I have not heard or seen a public information from State House that stated that this section was applied. Who are the other three persons that should have been appointed by the president?

In light of the foregoing your resignation would be in place which will not only sanctify your reputation and dignity but it will also, and more importantly protect the rule of law and strengthen accountability hence serve the supreme interest of The Gambia.

Therefore find out what the president knew and why he took the decision to pardon this pedophile to determine if you should resign or stay!

Remember you have a duty, as a citizen not to even mention the fact you are a public officer to defend the rule of law, demand accountability and uphold sacred principles!

For The Gambia Our Homeland

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