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MP Apologized For His Criticism Of Gov’t For Development In Opposition-Dominated Areas

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Bakary B Kora, National Assembly Member for Upper Fuladou West

By Buba Gagigo

Bakary B. Kora, the National Assembly Member for Upper Fuladou West, has apologized for his remarks criticizing the Minister of Transport, Works, and Infrastructure, Ebrima Sillah, for implementing development projects in opposition-dominated areas.

Honourable Bakary B. Kora, the National Assembly Member representing Upper Fuladou West, was heard on a leaked WhatsApp audio recording, in which he expressed his disapproval of the Honourable Ebrima Sillah, the Minister of Transport, Works, and Infrastructure, for purportedly allocating development projects to areas that he claimed are predominantly occupied by the opposition.

The Upper Fuladu West National Assembly Member said Kiang West is one of those areas that will never vote for President Barrow, even if he builds a story building in each compound. He went further to mention villages like Yonna, Kujaw, Niani, and Sami which he said are equally opposition-dominated areas. The MP However apologized on Tuesday during an interview with King FM Radio.

“Is true that I mentioned communities like Kiang, Yonna, and Kujaw but I want Gambians to understand one thing. If they believe that we are in a democratic state, they should respect my opinion just like I respect the opinion of others. I want Gambians to understand also that Bakary B. Kora is just a human being, I am not a jinn and I am not an angel. Sometimes I may say things that are slip of the tongue but not intentional. Because all the villages in the Gambia are equal to me and is the responsibility of President Barrow to give all of them developments. 

“If I mentioned anything that doesn’t go well with the people in the communities I mentioned, I am saying that’s not my intention. And I am sorry to anyone who is affected by what I said because human beings are not complete. I believe that every good leader should be bold enough to come out and apologize for a wrongdoing. I mentioned Kujaw and Yonna. I used to farm in Kujaw and is a community that supported me a lot when I used to farm there. I use to operate a pharmacy in Kunting and the residents of Yonna used to come there and we had a family relationship. I am telling all these communities I am on my knees because no human being is perfect,” he told King FM Radio.

Bakary B. Kora is the National Assembly Member for Upper Fuladou West Constituency. He was well criticized online after his remarks before he apologized on Tuesday

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