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Minister Bah Warns Business Community Over Price Hikes

Hamat N.K bah
Minister of Tourism & Culture

By Buba Gagigo

The Minister of Tourism & Culture, Hamat N.K. Bah has warned the business community in The Gambia to stop increasing prices of commodities.

“To the business community, the country belongs to all of us.  Adama (the President) has never jailed any of you. Since he became President, there is no businessperson who will say Adama  (the President) has taken from you, or he bagged you something, or did anything bad to you. He has given you freedom and liberty. But some people are intentionally increasing prices of commodities in the country, different from the price they bought it for. Because there is an international problem, now everyone is selling the way he/she wants. I will give you evidence, I bought eggs in Banjul for D275, I went to Farafenni and bought it for D230, I went to Kaur I bought it at D250 in the same country. Oil in Banjul is D2, 060, if you come here is more than 2, 200. That is not right. Goods they are selling in Banjul at D2, 060, whatever you are adding should not exceed D150. 

“You are disturbing the masses, because you have your goods, selling it anyhow you want, you increase every morning. I went to buy onion, the first person told me D800 and the second person told me D700, and another one told me D650. Which country do you have that? Why will the businesspersons do that to a government that is not disturbing you? We want you to have profit, but we also want you to feel for the people. Let me tell you one habit of President Barrow, he is a very patient person, he is very calm, but whenever he is ready for something, ‘Billah’, he will do it. And he will not have any ‘Maslahaa’ (compromise). The businesspersons be careful, what you are doing is not right,” the Minister warned.

Minister Bah, who doubles as the leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP), issued the warning in Farafenni  in the ongoing nationwide tour by President Barrow.

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