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MC Cham Urges Gambian Oppositions to Emulate Ousman Sonko

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MC Cham Jr. Councillor KMC also a Member of the Opposition UDP

By: Ramatoulie Jawo 

MC Cham Jr., a nominated Councilor at the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), has urged opposition leaders to take inspiration from the resilience of Ousman Sonko, a political figure in Senegal.

Drawing lessons from Senegalese politics, Cham emphasized the resilience and steadfastness displayed by Sonko and his party in the face of adversity.

“I’ve gleaned invaluable insights from the political landscape of Senegal. Our politicians and party leaders in The Gambia could learn a great deal from Ousman Sonko and his unwavering stance. Despite numerous challenges, Sonko never capitulated to the ruling government. He could have taken an easier path by acquiescing to Macky’s terms, but he stood his ground,” Cham remarked.

He remarked that Macky Sall wielded authority to dissolve Ousman Sonko’s party, yet Sonko remained resolute.

He remarked that Mackey Sall wielded authority to dissolve Ousman Sonko’s party, yet Sonko remained resolute.

“Our party leaders and political parties within The Gambia, who consistently acquiesce to the government’s demands, should take a cue from Ousman Sonko and his party in Senegal. The recent events in Senegal shed light on the truth: when offered the chance to leave prison, Sonko insisted on the release of all political detainees first.

“If you’re going to take action, it must be driven by a purpose, and that purpose should be your nation. Without opposition, how can one transition into governing? Adama Barrow was once part of the opposition, and that’s how he ascended to the presidency,” emphasized the MC Cham.

He observed that among the supporters of Sonko who have been released from prison, there is a unanimous sentiment that they are fully committed to supporting Ousman Sonko’s electoral campaign.

According to him, Macky’s decision to postpone the election stems from his awareness that Sonko’s candidate would emerge victorious due to their mutual trust and integrity. Conversely, he criticized the opportunistic nature of the opposing party, suggesting that their actions lack the conviction necessary for national progress.

He emphasized the unwavering loyalty of Sonko’s supporters, noting that despite Ousman Sonko’s imprisonment alongside thousands of other political detainees, they remained steadfast and did not defect to Macky’s camp.

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