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Mayor Lowe Sponsors New Borehole In Njien Sanjal

The new borehole in Njien village in the Sabach Sanjal District
Photo: RML

By Mustapha Ceesay

The Mayor of Banjul through her women and girls empowerment project sponsored a new borehole in Njien village in the Sabach Sanjal District.

The borehole was inaugurated on Sunday, a development that ended decades of well water consumption by the natives of the North Bank Region settlement.

Awa Gaye, speaking on behalf of the women of Njien hailed the development because it has saved them from drinking well water, less fit for consumption.

“We are extremely happy about the development. It is important because it has brought us clean water and saved us from drinking well water, which was less clean and safe. We are grateful to the Lord Mayor of Banjul, the sponsor,” she said in a phone interview.

On behalf of the men of the village in a phone conversation, Modou Njie expressed gratitude to the Lord Mayor for providing them with clean and safe drinking water, after decades of consuming well water.

Meanwhile, the sponsor, Rohey Malick Lowe said water is life and it is her commitment to empowering women and children.

“I am happy because if you provide water for a human, it’s like you have given him/her life. At the end of the day, the beneficiaries are those close to my heart-the women and children. Those who know me know that I am committed to women and youth empowerment. That makes me happy…The beneficiaries appreciated it,” she told Kerr Fatou.

The solar powered borehole has four PVC storage tanks of 2000 litres each mounted on steel elevated tower of 5 meters high for gravity fed, and 25 stand taps erected in the village; with a sustainable yield 18 cubic meter per hour to serve a population of approximately 900 inhabitants, the Construction Company which drilled the borehole stated.

The borehole is worth D880, 000, according to the sponsor.

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