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Mayor Bensouda Visited Several Communities With VP Joof.

Mayor Bensouda and VP Joof.

Mayor Bensouda of KMC was out touring communities affected by last night’s floods. After visiting different areas with VP Joof, Mayor Bensouda issued the following statement on Facebook. Below is his statement.

“The Floods in the past day have caused unprecedented loss of property and many communities inundated by flood water.

Mayor BENSOUDA visited several communities with the Vice President Badara Joof, Minister of lands and Local Government, Minister of Works, Education and Environment and accompanied by the Director of National Disaster and Road Authority to take stock and prepare an emergency response.

We urge all victims of floods to visit their local ward office to request for support so they can be prioritized with relief packages as soon as they are available.

In the meantime we urge KM residents to adhere to the following guidelines :

  1. Wear protective clothing and seek indoor shelter if possible .
  2. Stay away from windows and doors during heavy rain and strong winds.
  3. Avoid roadway underpasses, drainage ditches, low lying areas and areas where water collects – they can unexpectedly flood or overflow.
  4. Avoid driving in heavy rain due to poor visibility. If possible, park and wait until the rain has slowed or stopped to continue your journey.
  5. Do not try to drive across a flooded road. Water may be deeper and stronger than it appears and may contain debris, sharp or dangerous objects, pot holes or electrical wires.
  6. Vehicles can become unstable or even swept away if caught up in fast flowing or pooling flood waters. It only takes a few inches of water to displace a vehicle.
    Stay away from power lines or electrical wires.
  7. Monitor alerts and weather reports for flash flood warnings and updates.

Thank you”

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