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Mayor Bensouda Suggests Relocation Of Some People Within KM

Talib Ahmed Bensouda & VP Joof ( PhotoCredit: EyeAfrica TV)

By Buba Gagigo

Mayor Talib Bensouda has suggested relocation of some people living within the Kanifing Municipality (KM).

He made the suggestion to the Vice President, His Excellency Bandra Alieu Joof, who is currently on a tour to assess the damage caused by flood in some communities.

“There is need for a relocation plan because KM is the most densely populated region. It has about 5000 people per square kilometer, where the average in the country is 172. And we are the second-smallest region, after Banjul. So if everybody wants to come live here, it has to be in an organized fashion. 

“But once the region is full, I think there should be a plan to relocate people, and to decentralize the development of the country. So, I think we were speaking the other day, and we were saying how can we encourage people to stay in the villages, how can they have economic activity in their own regions; because most people living in KM are from outside of KM,” the mayor said.

Before the arrival of Mayor Bensouda on the scene, the Vice President in a conversation with the Director of National Disaster Management Agency, Sanna Dahaba, said: “I think the only thing that can solve this issue is the World Bank project when we do the drainage.”

The NDMA Director replied: “We have Two-hundred and fifteen thousand (215, 000) people that are exposed to hazard from Abuko to Kotu. If you want to widen this place again, a lot of settlements will also be affected. That’s something that local government has to address. Are we going to demolished them completely or are we going to relocate them? That’s something we need to discuss with the local government.” 

Flood has hit many communities in the Gambia due to a 2-day continual heavy rainfall which occurred on Saturday and Sunday.

Places affected include flood-prone Ebo Town, Nema Wasulung Kunda, Brufut, Farato, etc.

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