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Leaked Audio: FJC Alleges Jammeh has Assets Controlled by Mama Singhateh’s Mother

Fatou Jahumpha Ceesay & former President Yahya Jammeh


By Buba Gagigo

Fatou Jahumpha Ceesay (FJC) in a leaked audio has alleged that former President Yahya Jammeh has assets not known to the Commission of Inquiry.

The assets, according to her, are located in The Gambia and controlled by the mother of Mama Fatima Singhateh, a former Attorney General and Minister of Justice under Jammeh.

“He has other assets in The Gambia. Mama Fatima Singhateh’s mother is the one controlling them. She is the one collecting rent for those assets”, FJC was heard saying this to a Sal in the leaked audio which has gone viral on the social media.


She added: “I do not know whether they are sending him money, but they are having those assets. The (Janneh) Commission is not aware of those assets.”

Jammeh’s situation in exile

The former Speaker of Parliament under Jammeh has described her former boss as a “stupid person” and said her faction is the legitimate group, rather than the ‘No To Alliance Movement’ newly commissioned by Jammeh to lead the party.

“Just to tell you we are the ones that are on the right side. Yahya Jammeh is stupid. I will not eat the meal, but I will put sand in the food. Don’t you see how God made him expose himself? Right now, he has no one who will talk to him. His wife has left him there (Equatorial Guinea). The marriage is not broken but one and a half years now, she (Zainab Jammeh) is in Morocco and sold all his (Jammeh) belongings in Morocco. His mother has died, even when the mother was alive he didn’t listen to her,” FJC said APRC spoke of Jammeh in the audio.

Jammeh’s Source of funding

Jahumpa Ceesay also said how Jammeh is getting funds in exile and how he is “exploiting” General Sol Badjie and colleagues who left with him in exile following his defeat in 2016.

“He is given $50, 000 every month in Equatorial Guinea and Sol Badjie and co were getting $5,000, each. Even that last year, he took it from them. Now they (funders) are paying everything in his (Jammeh) account. Now Sol Badjie and co are not having anything. That was the reason he had a problem with Sol Badjie. Sol Badjie mobilized the people there and went to him, so that they could continue giving them the money because that was what they sent to their families in The Gambia. That time Zainab was there. They (Sol and co) even accused her of taking the money but he (Jammeh) refused and told them to come and eat at his home, instead,” she narrated.

From her account, Jammeh still commits “those bad things” he was alleged of doing during his presidency.

“He buys air tickets for these Nigerian girls; and other girls from The Gambia will also go there for one to two weeks. He is still doing those bad things. All of us were covering him up for those bad things. He used to ask me for money. He sent Sutay Jawo to me and to others. However, after Alieu Baye stopped it. He told me that we don’t have money now because of Covid-19 and the company is not working; and what you have, you are using it to help others. Do not send any money to Jammeh anymore. I also stopped it. That is why he got angry with me. He told me Yahya Jammeh has more money than you, he received $50,000 to $100,000 per month,” Ceesay said.


GANU Party Leader

Speaking about the leader of Gambia Alliance for National Unity, Sheikh Tijan Hydra, the former speaker expressed doubts about his qualification as a lawyer and threatened legal action against the GANU-APRC alliance declared by Jammeh.

“For me what angered me most is Sheikh Tijan Hydara . I now believe he bought his lawyer documents, because they said he is the most stupid lawyer and they are right. You said you are a lawyer; you are looking for a place to hide to go to the State House. You went and bribed the boys to tell Jammeh you are the right person. You are telling people that you are having an alliance with APRC, which APRC? There is only one APRC and that is us.

“We are the ones at IEC. We can even go to court for this because I have already spoken to L. S Camara and Abdoulie Sissoho (Lawyers) to be on standby. We are the ones on the right side. It is time to put Jammeh on track. We thought of sacking him but Fabakay said let us not sack him. We can sack others that he mentioned; even Pamodou Mbowe is not part of our party. He was only following Yankuba Touray, he never contributed anything,” she concluded.

FJC, a loyal supporter of Jammeh for many years, recently turned against former boss following a row between supporters of the APRC over the alliance with the NPP that Jammeh recently disapproved in a phone conversation on Friday in Kanilai.




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