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Kandeh Tells ‘Tabital Pularrgu’ To Dissociate Itself From Politics

Mama Kandeh
Gambia Democratic Congress leader

By Buba Gagigo

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has called on ‘Tabital Pularrgu’, a Fula association in the Gambia to dissociate itself from politics.

Mama Kandeh made the remarks on Taranga FM in response to the group’s last meeting in Marakissa attended by the new Minister of Agriculture, Demba Sabally and President Barrow’s youth Adviser Saihou Mballow.

“I heard about the meeting in Marakissa but the meeting was all about mixing ’Tabital Pularrgu’ (association of all Fulas in The Gambia) and politics. I condemned it and it should not be done,” Kandeh told Taranga FM.

 The GDC leader said he was part of the founders and funders of the group before and during its congress; adding that he earlier warned them not to include politics in the group.

“‘Tabital Pularrgu’ under the leadership of Seedy Dem and everyone around him knew that I was in the forefront of the formation of the group. When we were forming it, there were different groups all claiming to be ’Tabital Pularrgu’. I have people who came to me, like Cherno Ousman, Sutura Jallow and others; I gave them money for them to go all around the Gambia to have a dialogue with Fulas. So that we can have a congress and get one group of  ‘Tabital Pularrgu’ and one leadership. 

“During the Congress also, I was in the forefront among the people who financed the Congress. We did the Congress and Seedy Dem was elected as the leader. When we formed the association, I told them I am Fula but also a politician, but this group is not political,” he said.

Kandeh added that he informed the group every member can join any party of their choice during politics but advised them to use the group to unite Fulas in The Gambia.

“When politics comes, everyone in this group has the right to join any party of his or her choice. ‘Let no one say I will support Mama Kandeh because he is part of this group, but also other parties’. I said this when the group was formed and I said this as Fula, not as the leader of GDC. If they start involving politics in the group today, I will say that is not right and it should not be,” he continued.

The GDC leader also accused the group’s leadership of disappointing all the Fulas in The Gambia for bringing politics in the group, which he said, is against their rules.

“Seedy Dem has disappointed all the Fulas. The first action they did was to mobilize the Fulas to go and greet President Adama Barrow.  I told him, if the President wanted to see the Fulas, go with your committee on behalf of the Fulas, but don’t sell the Fulas. They said no they have 3, 000 Fulas and they will take them. That was why the Fulas went to the State House.

“The Fulas were ashamed during the visit because they were taken to Warner Beach Hotel, a place that was not a residence for three years. We also see Seedy Dem putting President Barrow’s pictures on his neck in the name of ‘Tabital Pularrgu’. He knows that is against the rules of ‘Tabital Pularrgu’. If they meet today and discuss politics that is not new to them but I will tell them that it should not be. That was not what we discussed and is against the rules of the group,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, during his speech at the ‘Tabital Pularrgu’ meeting in Marakissa last week, the Minister of Agriculture Demba Sabally said.

“Thank God that today a headsman and a farmer is selected to be Minister of Agriculture. President Barrow knows this country cannot go forward, if agriculture is prioritized. That’s why he took us who will die with him or live with him. His agenda is our agenda. To see a headsman using a robe to fetch water for his cattle has died today. 

“At the Ministry of Agriculture all the farmers- Fulas, Wolofs, Mandinka and all farmers are our vocal persons in the Gambia. Let the headsmen know that our agenda is to see if we buy the cattle here in the Gambia and to get enough food for this country. And we will stand and see this happen and to happen easily with everyone.  We will also thank seedy Dem for the good work he did during the registration,” he concluded.

Mama Kandeh is the leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), while Demba Sabally the Minister of Agriculture used to be a member of his party before joining President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP).

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