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‘I propose the creation of ‘Emergency Victim Relief Fund’


The pains, trauma, psychological, physical and mental abuses of Jammeh’s victims are too deep.

Some cases cannot wait for TRRC recommendations and compensations. I will urge Honourable members of Parliament to discuss the possibility of the government creating an ‘Emergency Victim Relief Fund’ for victims of April 14 and those in similar conditions for the immediate moment.

The political victims of April 14 suffered severe trauma at the hands of Yahya Jammeh and his torturers. The national assembly I believe is the right channel to request this noble support. Our MPs can defend that, this group of men and women are victims of the Gambia, at the hands the wicked tyrant Jammeh and not the current government.

The noble steps taken by April 14 protesters arouse the conscience of the nation, and as such their actions helped put us on the pedestal to freedom. The President we are aware do assist Nokoi, however, that is not enough, as they should be evacuated for overseas treatment and check-up and Government need the NAMs to validate that steps. A separate budget line can be augmented to facilitate it.

The Gambia lacks powerful charities such as the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and other like in Europe and America. His Excellency, The President and the government, can support the move thereby alleviating pains post-traumatic victims of brutal Yahya Jammeh. In U.K for instance, the post-traumatic stress that affects soldiers are assisted mainly from charities, But the Gambia lacks such powerful charities. Hence, the NAMs need to call for the creation of ‘Emergency Victim Relief Fund’.

The TRRC can look in detail the overall issues and any future compensation, but for now, the proposed relief fund establishment will do. The dictator era is a dark mark on our history and we should see it as that and manage it well. The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and Finance can create a quick reaction task force for this discussion.

Heroines like Ms Nokoi Njie requires evacuation, young men like Modou Ngum all need serious medical expert treatment now. We all respect the TRRC, however, the process will not help the immediate pains of our comrades.

By Suntou Touray


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