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Halifa urges TRRC to recall General Cham


Foroyaa newspaper said Halifa Sallah’s courier Edi Jallow has handed over a letter to Dr Baba Galleh Jallow, the executive secretary of the Truth Commission last week.


Halifa Sallah has written to the Truth Commission probing the human rights violations of the former dictator Yahya Jammeh to recall Brigadier General Mamat Cham to correct what the socialist politician said is an incorrect narration of events.

Cham, the sixth Commission witness, who appeared before the Commission last week Wednesday said, among other things, that Sallah had accepted to meet the Junta but failed to make it in time.

Cham appeared to have insinuated that Sallah may have been appointed if they have arrived on time at the State House. But Sallah said their rejection to the proposed appointment was made known to the Junta through Samuel Sarr who took a letter to the State House.

It is not clear what the Commission’s decision will be but Sallah’s version of the story was already corroborated by other witnesses such as former police boss Abubakarr Jeng and former second lieutenant Alagie Kanteh.

Both said the socialist rejected, outright, a job offer from the Junta.

The Foroyaa newspaper, a publication own by the socialist politician, said on Thursday that Sallah expects a reply for his letter today.

Foroyaa newspaper described the problem between Sallah and Cham as “one of the most dramatic events in our history”.

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