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Gee releases a new EP titled ‘GEEbril’


Known predominantly as a rapper, the EP is a defining moment in his career as he showcases his singing skills like never before. A personal yet relatable compilation of love songs, ‘GEEbril’ reflects on his life’s journey with matters of the heart that will inspire his fans for a long time to come.

Titled by word play of his birth name Gibril and artist name ‘Gee’, ‘GEEbril’ is an EP focusing on love life lessons packaged in up tempo songs with flows that highlight elevation from his previous work; This, accompanied by both traditional and internationally inspired beats.

As one of, if not the most internationally sounding Gambian artists, Gee sings in both his native Wolof language as well as effortlessly making this EP in English for the majority of the it, alluding to his desire for the EPs’ important lessons to be understood and shared internationally wanting the Gambian sound to travel beyond native shores. This resonated so well that the EP topped both the iTunes and Spotify charts taking the number one spot within hours of it’s release, solidifying the fact that his position at the top still remains.

“I’d say my experiences and relationships played a huge part in this and I listen to everything that comes out both locally and internationally. It gives me a picture of what sounds are trending and what appeals to audiences both at home in Gambia and abroad”: Gee


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