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Pata Saidykhan
Pata Saidykhan

During the last Local Govt elections campaign, there was one thing I’d repeatedly and fervently campaigned on as a selling point for the UDP especially against Independent candidates; ACCOUNTABILITY.

The UDP as a democratic entity, selected and presented candidates to contest public offices in absolute good faith. Good faith that if they are elected into office, the UDP’s vision and aspirations for a Democratic Gambia anchored on Prosperity, Justice, Peace and Rule of Law, with a promise to ensure a modern, progressive ‘socioeconomic development of her people’. This promise is so sacrosanct that it’s printed in bold on the back of the Party’s membership cards. With this promise, it’s important and understandable that the electorates hold the UDP elected Representatives accountable. The records of these representatives should be grades on the UDP’s report card. Successful or Otherwise. You CANNOT say the same with Independent candidates. Their successes and/or failures are solely theirs, and the best and perhaps only way to pull their record for any political consequences will be the next election cycle. They can choose to not seek reelection and walk away. Registered parties cannot do that. I don’t know about other parties, but this is cardinally important to the United Democratic Party.

So… the desire and resolve of the UDP to seek the mandate of Gambians in leading them as a Govt is premised on hope and conviction that the best path for a just, progressive and developed Gambia lies with the UDP. The Party has the personnel, capacity, structures and the WILL to deliver this. We’re OK with accountability. Start with us with our representatives in the cabinet [when they were there], National Assembly [both individuals & as a collective] and Local Governments. ALL that are still aligned and committed to the UDP ideals ARE DOING WELL. Rohey Malick Lowe; Banjul Mayoress, Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda, Chairman Landing B. Sanneh, Chairman Foday Danjo. So Even where the loud me might come off as one, I’m NOT a surrogate or Ambassador of the UDP in any official capacity. I’m only a card holding member. These people are! But with all my shortcomings, I believe in the party, it’s leadership and bought into hope and promise for the country.

With due resprespect to all registered parties and independents seeking same mandate, I believe the UDP are best poised and ready. You do not have to sit out until you determined that the UDP’s vision and aspirations 100% aligned with yours. If they do for even 60%, COME ON BOARD based on those shared values and help contribute, change and develop from within. BEST believe that you’d have a voice that’d be heard and valued. They was not found wanting when the country was in a dire state. With ALL our imperfections both as an entity and individual members, our commitment to project Gambia is unmatched.

Give us a fair and good faith consideration if you’re undecided or even already affiliated. COME ON BOARD! We will quench your taste.

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