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Former Royal Haskoning Employee Defines ‘Nourishment’ In Their Report

Alpha Robinson
Former employee of Royal Haskoning company
(Photo: Alpha Robinson Facebook)

By Buba Gagigo

Former employee of Royal Haskoning company, Alpha Robinson said the word ‘nourishment’ in his former employer’s report means adding sand material to sections of the beach to stabilise and avoid further erosion.

His reaction came following Kerr Fatou’s publication of the Sino Majilac Jalbak’s rebuttal of causing flooding at Denton Bridge.

“The key word here is NOURISHMENT. It means in simple terms adding sand material to sections of the beach to stabilise and avoid further erosion in the affected area (Denton Bridge). In other words, take sand from where it is accumulating or elsewhere where it is safe to do so, and put it in areas being eroded. I am not sure this is clearly articulated or practiced. Taking the sand away means «starving» the beach and therefore encouraging erosion. Beach transport processes are quite complex and if not well studied and understood, more harm can be done…,” he said in a statement on Facebook.

The former Royal Haskoning employee  who claimed to have conducted with a colleague employer the type of study that informed the beach nourishment said he’s “deeply concerned about beach erosion”, and felt obliged to clarify the terminology in the report.

Meanwhile, Banka Manneh, Spokesperson, Sino Majilac Jalbak told Kerr Fatou that they are following the recommendations in the report of the Royal Haskoning company.

He shared with this medium the said report of the Royal Haskoning study, a company where Alpha Robinson was an employee.

The report seen by this medium said: “Another way to deal with the erosion problem in this area is to dredge away the spit and to use the sand for nourishment of the eroded area. With the present sand volume in the spit (approximately 1, 000, 000 m) an average seaward shift of the area between Toll Point and Banjul Point of 25 to 35m can be achieved (approximately 200 m/m). By taking the sand spit away, the main cause of erosion in this area is eliminated, and the sand supply from Toll Point to the coast east of Toll Point is restored.” 

Sino Majilac Jalbak were on Saturday accused by residents of Denton Bridge of causing the mind flood in the area, an allegation the company has always denied.

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