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Gen Lamin Bojang

The Gambia Action Party is very much aware about the recent nude videos and photos of Hon. Lamin Bojang circulating in the social media platforms and this came as a shock and surprise to the general membership of GAP. All attempts were made within the National Executive to ensure that the image of the party and Hon. Lamin Bojang remains clean and clear from the mess, but we have less control on what is published in social media platforms.

Since the beginning of the scandal, everyone connected to the party stands in solidarity with you and until recently, you accused the Senior Members of the party for circulating the purported nude videos and photos in a press conference held in your house at Brufut published on Facebook. This came as a surprise package to the entire larger family of GAP because no executive member was aware of the Press Conference.

The National Executive Committee of GAP made the first attempt to lure you to an executive meeting but proved futile because you claimed to had coincidental family meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for the simple fact that the Executive Committee Members want first hand information and your version of the saga. Until on the 12th of July, 2020 when you appeared in a meeting and unanimous decision was made to suspend you from the role of the Presidential Candidate or Flag Bearer of GAP until the outcome of the ongoing investigation in a written letter but you pleaded for forty eight hours. Despite ignoring the calls of the various media outlets to clarify the scandal in honor of the ongoing investigation, but you went ahead to accused the Senior Executive Members.

GAP as a political institution is built on strong values and principles to uphold the norms and values in a democratic society without infringement of the people.

We want to make it crystal clear that your actions are unethical and are not inline with the constitution of the party, as well as our modus operandi. Thus, we unanimously agreed to expel you from the party and you’re no longer our PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE OR FLAG BEARER effective on the 14th of July, 2020. Whatever grievances you had with any member of the party, the Executive Committee is capable to settle and proffer lasting peace and solution. You were not supposed to share with the media without the permission of the GAP administration and failure to act in accordance with the code of conduct and guided by the oath of secrecy, you failed woefully in your quest to lead the party into 2021 Presidential Elections.

As we all head into our separate ways, we wish you all the very best in your new terrain and thank you for your services to the party. This is a clarion call we must answer and the answer for the betterment of both parties. You disappointed the entire GAP National Executive Committee as we defended you in all angles to ensure that your name is stain free but your reward is to disintegrate the party or use divide and rule tactics on us which is never possible. We are so much grateful to you for the time, resources and energy spent on the party and thank you for the memories. We endeavour to effectively create room and avail chances for the development of every Gambian which we wholeheartedly did in your case. “But not all that glitters is gold and one must not take a mile when an inch is given”.

For the general consumption, Mr Lamin Bojang has no connection with the party henceforth and can’t represent the party in anywhere. By a copy of this letter, the media fraternities and The Independent Electoral Commission are served.

Administrative Secretary of GAP,
Muhammed Kandoro Yaffa.

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