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Essa Mbye Faal Expresses Dissatisfaction Over NPP’s ‘Conduct’


Essa Mbye Faal 
Independent candidate 

By Buba Gagigo
Independent Candidate Essa Mbye Faal has expressed dissatisfaction over the ‘conduct’ of the President’s National People’s Party towards his team.
“People are afraid of Government. They think whatever the government wants, that’s what they should do. Even in elections, if they are not voting for the government they hide it. If the government are sending people to look after what others are doing, they will be afraid to come out. This is like threatening people, and we should not allow that in this election. They (NPP) knew that we were coming to a village and they sent D150, 000 there to distribute among people and to take them to the President’s (Barrow) meeting. That simply means they are paying the entire village for them not to wait for the person coming there. It’s just like what I always tell people, if they give you money, take it and vote for any one you like. Because we don’t know where the money is from. But if it’s government money, people deserve it, because it is their money. Whatever the case is, this is a crime and IEC should intervene. It’s like they (NPP) want to buy this election. 
“They want to make sure that they win at all costs. For me the election is already being rigged, if you were to ask me. If IEC is not vigilant and do what they should do, they will rig the election or it will bring violence in the country that we are praying to God never to happen. This is like buying or stealing the aspirations of the people,” Essa Mbye Faal said during an interview with team Essa Faal media in URR.
Essa’s team has this week, alleged that a branded NPP vehicle with registration number BJL 1455 W ‘obstructed’ the movement of its campaign team for two days in the URR and also alleged that a man who identified himself as agent of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the liaison officer under the Bwiam command spied on them at their rallies.
NPP could not be reached for comment

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