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Election Security Advice From The Office Of The Inspector General Of Police

Abdoulie Sanyang, Inspector General Of Police

Fellow Gambians, so far, the events leading up to the 4th December 2021 Presidential Elections including the nominations and campaigns have been conducted in a peaceful manner. This is possible because of the way the electoral stakeholders particularly the contenders and the members of the public conducted themselves.

The Gambia Police Force and the entire security sector views this as commendable and want to thank all for the maturity and tolerance demonstrated.

The upcoming events of the Presidential Election are all crucial and nothing sort of the orderly conduct shown during the immediate past events is expected. Law and orderliness is very paramount during this period and each and every member of the public has a responsibility in this regard.

There would be police presence to ensure orderliness including at the polling stations and centers around the country, as well as to monitor and mitigate any form of disorderliness and breach of the peace.

Meanwhile, the general public is urged to cooperate and support the Police to ensure that remaining presidential election processes are as smooth as possible.

In this light, the public is advised to observe the following;

  1. All eligible voters at polling stations are urged to cooperate with police officers to ensure that queuing system is followed and no disturbance occurs to disrupt the voting process.
  2. Voters are encouraged to retire to their homes and avoid any form of grouping within or around the polling area/ premises after casting their votes.
  3. Voters are advised to avoid wearing T-Shirts or gears with party logos or inscriptions at Polling Centers during the voting.
  4. Member of the public are advised against any form of public announcement without authority including of the election results and must wait for IEC to do the announcements.
  5. People must continue to remain calm and law abiding, and promptly notify the relevant security institution of any clandestine or suspicious activity.

We once again thank the members of the public and the electoral stakeholders, and look forward to your continued collaboration and support for a peaceful electoral process.


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