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December Presidential Election: GMC Confirms UDP, GDC, ANRD Withdrew From Alliance Talks

Mai Fatty
Gambia Moral Congress Leader


By Buba Gagigo


The Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has confirmed that the United Democratic Party (UDP), Alliance for National Re-orientation and Development (ANRD) and Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) have pulled out of the just concluded eight-party alliance talks.


“Eight political parties started the talks and the talks ended yesterday (Monday). But on the way, some parties have pulled out and those parties are UDP, GDC and ANRD, now we are left with five political parties in the talks. The agreement that we have is the selection will be two. The first one is to select one of the political party leaders that are involved to lead us; and if we do not agree on that, every party will bring their delegates to vote for the political party leaders and whoever wins will lead. But both GDC and UDP said we should agree and select one person to lead the alliance, apart from that they will pull out and that’s the reason they pulled out,” Mai Fatty alleged on King FM earlier Tuesday.


The GMC leader however only mentioned his party and Gambia for All (GFA) led by former Vice President, Bakary Bunja Darboe among the remaining 5 political parties in the talks, and failed to mention the rest. 


Fatty informed that the signing of the agreement between the remaining five political parties would take place on Wednesday (tomorrow).


Meanwhile, reacting to Fatty’s comment, the Gambia Democratic Congress National Youth President, MC Cham Jr. reiterated his party’s position to the leader of the alliance only by a consensus, rather than otherwise.

“We still reiterate our position that the only option GDC can accept is a selection by consensus and not any form of an election. The GDC remains committed to the negotiations as far as our position can be given consideration, until then we would like to stay away for now,” he said.

However, Lamin Bojang, the ANRD party leader declined to comment on the matter; and the United Democratic Party could not be reached for comments.

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