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CRC frowns at Gov’t’s statement on death penalty


The Constitutional Review Commission said Government’s statement on abolishing death penalty could unduly influence the views of the people as they conduct their nationwide consultations.

Spokesperson of the Gambia government Ebrima Sankareh was quoted in the media saying they will remove death penalty from the constitution.

But in a statement on Wednesday, the CRC said such a statement can “confuse or unduly” influence the people as the Commission embarks on a nationwide consultation asking people their views on issues such as citizenship and death penalty.

“…The CRC wishes to advise persons in positions of authority to refrain from making definitive statements (not in the nature of opinions) that have the potential to confuse or unduly influence the general public or to undermine or preempt the outcome of the work of the CRC,” stated the statement.

“The public is therefore assured that the CRC will continue to consult with them regarding their opinions on whether or not the death penalty should be retained as a feature of the new Constitution to be drafted by the CRC. Those opinions will be thoroughly and objectively reviewed as per the CRC’s mandate to establish the aspirations of the Gambian people on the subject. This will, of course, take into account all applicable international instruments applicable to The Gambia,” the statement stated.

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