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Big no to mosque building, Barrow Youth Movement


By Yankuba Darboe

It seems we have now reached a political stalemate with our newly elected President Adama Barrow over his Youth Movement! He thinks we are not listening, but the truth is, he isn’t making much sense in his attempts to force his BYM down into our throats!

The latest justification from the President’s meeting in Bwiam, according to the State House press release of 25 July 2018, is that, I quote:

“Addressing the issue of the Barrow Youth Movement for National Development, he described them as a youth group that meaningfully wants to support his government’s development agenda. He was quite unequivocal in stating that he would embrace any other organization or individual that is serious about supporting progress and development of the country.
“I am open to anyone who wants to join me in national development”.’’

With utmost respect, the above is the worst justification presented thus far for this BYM. Quite simply, if the President wants to embrace anyone who wants to support his government, then he should ban the BYM. For the whole country is prepared and willing to assist him in a meaningful development of our country. If in doubt, then the President should be encouraged to summon the assistance of the whole country with any of his development agendas, to prove whether it will be only his Youth Movement that will respond to his call.

It makes no sense and quite simply discriminating that a father, who has a nation as his children, will engage in the adoption of few as his adopted children.

The President further seems oblivious to the genuine concerns of the citizenry over his BYM.
The people have genuine concerns over his BYM and they have a good reason for their reservations, which ought not to be ignored by him.

Firstly, we do not see its necessity in the development of the New Gambia and the President is yet to give a cogent reason for requiring such a movement.

Secondly, it’s reminiscent of your predecessor, Yahya Jammeh’s July 22 Movement in The Gambia, which helped in turning young Jammeh into the monstrous dictator he became. Though Barrow keeps assuring that he will not become a dictator, but less I forget, Jammeh made the same promises.

In fact the President’s dogmatism and persistency in imposing this BYM down into our throats, is one good reason to reinforce our fears. For if he succeeds in this relentless pursuit to impose BYM on us, then only god knows what else won’t he dare attempt to impose on us!

The admonition of the ancient, always warned that only those who deny history ends up repeating it

Thirdly; your BYM is a distraction, which our country cannot afford to accommodate at present. We need a President with a clear vision and development agenda. Enough of President’s with shadow development agendas to National Development agendas. We cannot and do not want a mosque building BYM, who or what will be the provenance of their financing, will this be made public.

The above are few of the reasons, one must stand against this BYM of President Barrow and why the President must abandon the same!! The ancients also bequeathed that a word for the wise is sufficient.

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