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BAC To Disburse D14Million To 28 Wards In West Coast Region

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Yankuba Darboe, chairman of West Coast Region

By Buba Gagigo 

Yankuba Darboe, Chairman of the West Coast Region, has announced that his council will disburse fourteen million dalasis to twenty-eight wards in the West Coast Region.

“When I took office at Brikama Area Council on 1 June 2023, I inherited a council running on a 10 million deficit or with 10 million debt. I have fought hard against the corruption that almost made our council bankrupt. Today, BAC is D25 million in surplus or D25 million in credit. 

“As a result, we wish to begin addressing some of the pressing development needs of each of the wards in the West Coast Region. Thus, this week we are disbursing D14,000,000.00 to 28 wards of the West Coast Region. Each ward is receiving D500,000.00 as ward development fund,” the chairman said.

The chairman stated that the funds will be allocated thoughtfully, with priorities such as fencing the Women’s garden and completing women’s markets in select wards, replacing borehole pumping machines and installing solar panels in different wards, fencing football fields in others, and expanding electricity infrastructure across various wards.

“Under my leadership, we pledge our indefatigable strive for progress and development of the whole West Coast Region. This is the first phase of our development projects for this year, next will be the procurement of Waste Collection Trucks. We therefore welcome you all to our BAC Council grounds on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 to witness the disbursement of D14,000,000.00 to 28 wards of the West Coast Region,” the chairman said in a statement sent to Kerr Fatou.

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