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Physical Planning Demolishing Structures In Jabang

A structure demolished by the Department of Physical Planning in Jabang on 22nd August 2022

By Buba Gagigo

The Department of Physical Planning is currently demolishing structures in Jabang in the West Coast Region.

The activity is preceded by letters sent to persons whose structure would be affected by the ongoing demolition.

“Take note that being satisfied that the building/fence described below has been erected without a Development Permit and without the prior approval of the Banjul Planning Authority Under Development Control Regulations 1995 / declared unsafe under the provisions of the Development Control Regulations, 1995 and being empowered to order its removal or demolition under the provision of the said regulations, the Planning Authority orders the removal or demolition of the building/fence,” a letter from the department dated 20th  August 2022 to one of the residents stated.

The planning authorities warned that failure on the part of the builders to comply with the notice, the Planning Authority would arrange for the structure to be removed or demolished and the cost of such removal or demolition would be on the builders.

We will bring you details of the story later.

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