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OIC Summit 2022: GHoMM Reiterates Ownership Of Property Designated For Hotel Construction

Neneh Freda Gomez, GHoMM representative

By Landing Ceesay

Neneh Freda Gomez, representative of Global Home of Medical Mission (GHoMM) reiterated her institution’s ownership of the property designated for the construction of a hotel to host delegates of the OIC summit 2022.

 “I will say that it’s bogus, it is unfounded and it is misleading, to say the least. You have a court judgement that speaks for itself and there are many other supporting documents. Why would the Sheriff working for the judiciary come, give us possession, and give us returns to say I got a legal judgement from the court that asked me to perform this task? Why would the Sheriff of the High Court do that, if they do not have any legal backing to do what they did?

“I am not just saying it, everything I said, I am basing it on documentation, I am basing it on facts, I am basing it on evidence, I am basing it on procedures, I am basing it on processes. So let them (OIC Gambia Secretariat) bring the processes and procedures they have followed to have acquired this land or to have forcefully taken this land,” Neneh said.

She made these remarks following the OIC Gambia Secretariat’s claim of legally acquiring the property on which it intends to build a 5-star hotel as part of its preparation for the OIC summit.

The allocated site for the construction of the hotel for the hosting of delegates for the 2022 OIC Summit in Banjul was previously occupied by the Police Anti-Crime Unit; but it originally belongs to an NGO, Global Home for Medical Mission before, its closure and subsequent expulsion by the former President Yahya Jammeh, in 2010.

According to the documents obtained by Kerr Fatou, Global HOMM won two court cases against the State in 2019 over its ownership claim of the said property. Despite the court rulings, the NGO still struggles to take control of the property.

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