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Mai Fatty Urges Defence Authorities To Protect Foni

Mai Ahmed Fatty
Gambia Moral Congress Leader & Former interior Minister

By Buba Gagigo

The leader of Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) and former Interior Minister, Mai Ahmed Fatty urged the Gambia’s defence authorities to immediately ensure full protection and safety of affected settlements in the Foni area.

The comments of the former interior Minister came days after two soldiers were reported killed during exchange of gunshots between the Senegalese soldiers in the ECOMIG mission and MFDC rebels on Sunday.

“ECOMIG has reported [a] fatal exchange of gun fire between its forces comprised of Senegalese contingent and intruding MFDC rebels inside our country. We are extremely concerned about the unfolding insecurity predicament around some border settlements in Foni. They must not be abandoned in the face of the present danger. We urge Gambian security and defence authorities to immediately ensure the full protection and safety of affected settlements in the Foni area, and further to quickly come to the aid of our fellow citizens in Foni,” he wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon. “None of us can live in safety while our citizens in affected communities in Foni, are being displaced and families living in fear. We must come together as a country, confront our fears and render Foni an enclave of peace, development and stability. Having said that, it is imperative for ECOMIG to confine itself strictly within its Mandate and not to operate outside it. The duty to support and strengthen Gambia’s national security exigencies is key. Yet, no nation should be accorded the opportunity to use Gambian soil as a launch pad to advance its geopolitical interests.” 

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