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Lady Councillor Says Gambian Women Should Change Their Attitude or Achieve Nothing in Politics


By: Landing Ceesay

The lady councillor of Kunkujang Keitaya ward, Fatou Jallow, has said that women in The Gambia should either change their attitude of pedaling against one another’s efforts to participate in politics, else they will achieve nothing in politics.

“Gambians have to change their lives, especially women. If we the women don’t change our attitudes, change the way and manner we approach our fellow women, we will achieve nothing in politics. Because Gambian men always stand for one another, and they always fight for one another. That’s why they are manning the highest positions in the country.”

Councillor Jallow went on to say that whenever women are ready to run for positions, especially political positions, their biggest rivals or enemies are their fellow women, not men.

“When I wanted to run for the councillor election, I faced a lot of challenges, and a lot of insults from my fellow women. One of my biggest enemies was my best friend, who went round Kunkujang Keitaya ward telling people not to vote for me, because I am from Bansang, not Kunkujang Keitaya or Kombo.”

Jallow added that some women even went to her husband telling him not to allow her to enter into politics because if she does and get money, she will betray him [husband], or become a prostitute.

“I nearly declined my nomination for the councillorship in Kunkujang Keitaya ward, and my worst and biggest enemy was my fellow woman.” She stated.

The councillor said there are a lot of issues affecting women in the Gambia because they lack full representation, and that if women don’t change the manner they treat their fellow women, those issues affecting them will remain.

“We say we want to empower ourselves as women. This women empowerment is just going to be on the papers, and in our mouths. But nothing will be achieved or materialized, if we don’t change our attitudes. Nothing will be achieved or materialized if we don’t start supporting one another. Men support one another, Men uplift one another. Why can’t women also support and uplift one another?”

Fatou further called on women to support one another in all spheres of life, so that they can get in politics what they desire in The Gambia.

She was speaking as a panelist at a town hall meeting as activities marking the International Women’s Day Celebration. The meeting was organised by Westminster Foundation for Democracy.


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