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“Jammeh attempted to quit during offensive on State House”


A one-time influential man in the military leadership that took over power in the Gambia on July 22, 1994, Edward Singhatey, faces the Truth Commission October 16.

One of the original planners of the military coup that brought former president Yahya Jammeh to power said the former ruler attempted to quit as they prepared to hit the road to take over the country’s seat of power.

Jammeh and Edward Singhatey were tasked to attack and take over State House while Sanna Sabally and Sadibu Hydara led the attack on Fajara Barracks.

The former ruler, according to Singhatey, wanted to quit as they were about to leave the Yundum Barracks.

“Sanna Sabally and Sadibu Hydara left for the Fajara Barracks. I lined up vehicles for State House and got the men onboard. And then Jammeh said I can go ahead without him,” said Edward.

“He tried to chicken out,” suggested Lead Counsel Essa Faal.

“Yes, he did,” said Edward.

“He tried to opt out of going to State House and I told him that “No. This is what we agreed on,” said Edward. Edward said he would later grab Jammeh by his hand and push him into the vehicle.

On several occasions, the former ruler is famous for calling himself the central player of the coup. Edward also confirmed Sanna’s assertion that the coup which succeeded was planned by him.

And the offensive to State House in Banjul was also led by Edward. Singhatey said he also drew the plans for the attack on State House. The former ruler was behind for most of the times.

Jammeh, he said, was not an infantry soldier and could not draw the plan for the attack. Jammeh ruled Gambia with an iron fist for 22 years during which he was accused of several human rights violations.


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