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GMC: Unfortunately the PPP allegation against GMC Leader Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty is not based on any fact.

Mai Ahmad Fatty
GMC Party Leader


A political party is often considered a government in waiting. It should therefore act on the analogy of a government, and NOT some irresponsible, misguided group. It’s statements or pronouncements should be based on fact, policy or law. Unfortunately the PPP allegation against GMC Leader Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty is not based on any fact. It is misleading and intentionally insincere. Instead PPP owes Hon. Fatty an apology for putting false words into his mouth.

Our PPP colleagues should go back, watch and listen to Hon. Fatty’s press conference on the draft before impetuously jolting to attribute inaccurate and unfounded statements to him. He did not state anywhere that their “no” vote was linked to protecting the personal political ambition of anyone. He made that pronouncement in respect of the NRP who affirmed President Barrow as their candidate for 2021.
Thankfully, Hon. Fatty’s press statement was in writing and in the possession of the media. His explanatory comments are on video, still accessible via social media. If deception existed, it emanated from the PPP. Certainly Hon. Fatty owes NO apologies to anyone.

Hon. Touma Njie, was absent from parliament on that fateful day to cast her vote. Any support PPP alleged she might have professed outside of parliament on the draft constitution was merely academic and of no consequential practical relevance or influence on parliament on the that shameful day.

GMC represents the national interest, and will continue to put facts, policy and law as the instruments of public enlightenment.

While confirming the long term utmost mutual respect Hon. Fatty shares with his brother Hon. Papa Njie, leader of PPP, this sort of matters are best handled through direct engagement.

Bubacarr Jaiteh
Media Aide
Office of the Party Leader
GMC National Secretariat

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