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Gambia: West Coast Must Embrace This Change

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Yankuba Darboe, BAC Chairmanship Candidate

By Pata Saidykhan- USA

The Interest in the West Coast Chairmanship is beyond seeing the council in Yellow drapes for me. I believe one of the most important regions has been neglected mainly cos the politicians concentrated their attention on Banjul and Kanifing Municipality. They were able to do that cos West Coast Natives had slacked in ensuring that one or some of their own occupy important, influential positions so they could hold them accountable and prioritize the region.

This is why I believe the time has come for that to change by Electing YANKS for BAC Chairmanship. I’m not saying a Lamin Ceesay from Jarra resident in Kartong cannot lead the council to catapult it, but it is certainly going to be different with a native. I could be wrong but I think the sense of care and obligation for the two will be different.

Yanks has the education, the capacity, the exuberance to translate his vision into a practicable reality. A region as vast as West Coast has abundant talent and experience pool that Yanks can and must to lean on, to tap into a vault of willing experts to move the council and region forward. As a matter of fact, even where I expect Yanks to initiate locating these expertise, they do not have to wait for. Let them reach out to put their mouths where their interests are. I pray he has that in his plans cos there’s not going to be a better support system than that after his party’s structure and base.

West Coast cannot miss on the chance to embrace and exploit this opportunity before them. Change has to come, and it needs start with a competent young potential in Yanks Darboe.

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