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Fisheries Minister Admits Gambia-Senegal Fishing Agreement Not Legal

James Gomez
Minister of Fisheries



By Buba Gagigo

The Minister of Fisheries admitted at parliament that the fishing agreement between the Gambia and Senegal breached the Gambian law.

“I fully agree, haven listened to what was said here that an agreement unless rectified by a Parliament is not an agreement. So I consider that it’s an infringement at the moment and I will make sure that I will liaise with the minister of justice to see that we do the right thing,” the minister James Gomez told the parliament on Monday.

He then apologised and assured the lawmakers that his ministry would bring the said agreement for their approval.

“I apologized because we have discussed this thing over and over here. And I was still maintaining that we have an agreement but we had the agreement before Parliament came into being. Now I’m quite sure it’s time to bring that agreement to you [parliament], and I promise we are going to do exactly that,” he promised without giving a specific deadline.

The Fisheries Minister made this disclosure at the National Assembly earlier today [Monday] during a question and answer session while giving accounts of the works undertaken by his ministry.

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