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Dr Samateh Describes Barrow As ‘Competent, Honest, God-Fearing’

Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh
Minister of Health

By Landing Ceesay 

The Minister of Health Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh has described President Barrow as a ‘competent, honest and God-fearing’ leader. 

“We have seen democracy in this country. People in rural Gambia are very conscious politically. We must appreciate that, a whole lot of things they were telling us means that they know what his Excellency is doing and they know what he (President Barrow) is going to do, ‘Insha Allah’ in the next five years. His Excellency President Barrow is the best candidate for this December 4  presidential election. He is competent, he has a big heart, he is honest, he is God-fearing, and he loves the people of this country. More so, he is development-oriented and with him, Kiang and the rest of the Gambia are going to develop remarkably,” Dr Samateh said. 

The Gambian Health Minister while talking about his native district, Kiang, in the Lower River Region (LRR) being a stronghold for the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), said his people are going to vote for President Adama Barrow because of his development achievements in the district. 

“I think people are actually seeing what is happening in this country. They have seen the government projects that his Excellency has implemented in Kiang and the whole of Gambia. You have seen the Kiang West road, that road has been spoken of for so many years and nothing had been done apparently. It opens the hinterland of Kiang to the rest of the Gambia. That place is very rich when it comes to resources. But unfortunately, it is grossly exploited because the road is very bad. Now the electrification, the health facilities, the community ambulances. These are all achievements of his Excellency Adama Barrow’s government for the people of Kiang.

“So the people have seen the reality. They have seen the development projects that have taken place are immense. They know that another five years of his Excellency means consolidating these activities and building a whole lot more. I think people are very optimistic. All these things are happening in Kiang concerning the dignity of Gambians. He (President Barrow) respects everyone in this country. He is not humiliating anybody in this country. He is not embarrassing anyone and he is competent,” he said.  

When asked about the message they (NPP) delivered to the people of Kiang, Dr Samateh responded that they told the people of Kiang that President Barrow is the driver that can respect and value them. 

“What we told the people in Kiang is that if you have a driver who is driving a vehicle for you very well, respecting you, valuing your vehicle, respecting everybody, I think that driver is his Excellency the president (Barrow). When others come to tell you oh! I don’t know how to drive yet, I want you to hire me as a driver. Would you give your vehicle to those people? No! You would not. You would rather stay with the driver who continues to drive your vehicle very well with regards,” Dr Samateh said. 

The Health Minister made these remarks on Sunday night shortly after President Barrow returned to the State House from the rural Gambia as part of the nationwide presidential campaign that started on November 9 and would run until December 2.

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