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CA Distanced Themselves From Diab’s Remark Against Kerr Fatou

Dr. Ismaila Ceesay
Citizens’ Alliance Party leader

By Buba Gagigo 

The Citizens’ Alliance (CA) leader, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay described Raffie Diab’s utterance against Kerr Fatou as “not the position of the entire Citizens’ Alliance” and “wrong”.

“…With somebody making a statement of his personal opinion to say a particular media house belongs to a particular political party. Nobody in the executive group supported that statement to make it look like it’s the view of the entire CA. And it is not the position of the entire Citizens’ Alliance officially as a party because we did not come out to say those statements. We live in a democracy, people have a right to their opinions as long as their opinions are not derogatory. That’s his opinion he (Raffie Diab) voiced it. It is not the position of Citizens’ Alliance in a restricted Whatsapp group. It was wrong,” Dr Ceesay said on Sunday.

The CA leader described Kerr Fatou as “a well respected media”, and a “friend to CA”  that have covered all CA press conferences.

“I think the relationship between Kerr Fatou and CA and like any other media houses is excellent,” he earlier said.

Dr. Ceesay’s statement came after his party’s executive member, Rafie Diab called Kerr Fatou “a UDP Platform” for a second time in a row on the party’s executive platform, prompting a rebuttal from the CEO of the news medium.

The first time was two years ago, when Mr. Diab had made similar remarks about Kerr Fatou, after the medium interviewed his party leader, Dr Ismaila Ceesay. 

However, Diab’s party leadership apologised to news outlet, and the matter was since resolved due to the long-standing good relationship between the Kerr Fatou and CA.

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