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CA Debunks Allegations made against their party leader

Dr. Ismalia Ceesay Party Leader Citizen’s Alliance

By Ramatoulie Jawo
The citizen Alliance (CA) released a press statement on Wednesday that responded to allegations made against their party leader Dr. Ismaila Ceesay.

On the allegation that Dr. Ceesay met the president without informing the party executive, the statement clarifies thus:

“One of the accusations has it that our party leader visited President Adama Barrow without any authorization from the party. The purported message went further to quote Abdourahim Jallow as saying: “He went to meet Barrow without telling the Executive. Maybe he has contacted some of the executives but we did not come together to discuss the issue”.

The party acknowledged in the press release that the decision to meet Barrow was never discussed at any prior Executive meeting, it, however, said “when the President requested to see Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, the latter consulted the Party’s National President, Mr. Dominic Mendy, for his advice.”

“Mr. Mendy advised him that the President can request to see any citizen if he so wishes and that Dr. Ceesay would have no option but to go and listen to what the President has to say. Premised on this, Dr. Ceesay met with the President”, the statement continued.

The party also denied allegations that the president gave three (3) pick-up trucks to the CA leader for their party’s activities.

“The second allegation has it that the President has given three (3) pick-up trucks to the CA leader for the Party’s activity. This is totally false. The Party wishes to make it categorically clear that CA did not receive any vehicles from the President for any reason or purpose prior to or after the December 2021 Presidential elections”. The release continued.

Citizens’ Alliance (CA) reassures its members and the general public that the Party is guided by principles and the leadership is resolved to safeguarding those principles at all costs.

“CA, like every other organization, has codes of conduct for its members and our actions and inactions are to be confined within those dictates” the release ends

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