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Group Demands President Barrow To Sack NPP Executive In Banjul

Left- Dodou Njie, President, NPP Youth Bantaba in Banjul and Haddy Jallow, Chairwoman of Association of Banjul Women and Youth at a press conference on 12th April 2022

By Buba Gagigo

The Association of Banjul Women and Youth has demanded President Adama Barrow to sack the NPP Chairman and his team in Banjul.

The association argued that sacking the NPP Chairman and his team would avoid more loss for the party in the 2023 local government election.

“We budgeted D800, 000 for the presidential election but the president gave D2m. Six ministers also donated D100, 000, Modou Jobe at Finance donated D40, 000 and other two people donated D100, 000. That was the budget we had to campaign with during the presidential election. They spent less than D500, 000 out of this money,” Dodou Njie, President, NPP Youth Bantaba in Banjul. 

He said they informed the president but he did not take any steps so far.

“At that time the Banjulians were fed-up because it was not the first time. They gave money during meetings, tours etc. Mbaye Gaye (NPP Chairman in Banjul) and few people from his executive will take money because out of about 25 to 26 members in the executive, only five or six people are benefiting. They sideline others because of the money,” he alleged.

The President, NPP Youth Bantaba in Banjul continued that the NPP supporters in Banjul are not happy with the current executive and they want the president to replace them with others.

“Banjulians are angry and the decision is Barrow should change the executive or we will not vote for him. Because their fight is not about Barrow, but within themselves. The mistake is from Banjulians but Barrow also contributed. When we told him (President Barrow) some were compensated, D100, some D3000, some D4000, but it was not about that three or four thousand, (but) we wanted to end the corruption.

“We want him to change all of them (NPP executive in Banjul) because they are not competent. Mbaye Gaye and his executive are not competent to move Banjul forward and they all Banjul know that. They are the reason Banjulians refused to vote for the NPP. They are not fighting Barrow, but Mbaye Gaye and his people,” President Njie further told reporters.

Also speaking at the press conference on Tuesday, Haddy Jallow Chairwoman of Association of Banjul Women and Youth explained how Mbaye Gaye and his team are using the police to abuse them. 

“Imagine natives of Banjul wanted to organize a programme, they did not give us money, we raised our own funds from our members. We organised a programme because we wanted to thank the President for promising us roads, sewages, etc. We wrote to the IGP, we wrote to the Managing Director of Ports. We wrote to the National Centre for Arts & Culture, and all of them replied to us and half of the cabinet ministers know about the programme. On the day of the programme, one Chief Superintendent Habib Sanyang called me and said we cannot go ahead with the programme.

“I told him we had a permit but he said our information didn’t reach his desk. I told him but the IGP is aware. He told me if we gather there, they will arrest us and lock us up. That’s how we cancelled our programme. I asked the IGP after that, he said he is not aware; we are going to sue them and we are not going back about that. We have clear evidence that it was Mbaye Gaye and his team who are responsible,” Haddy Jallow, Chairwoman of the Association of Banjul Women and Youths alleged. President, NPP Youth Bantaba in Banjul

The National People’s Party (NPP) lost all three seats in the Gambia during the just concluded Parliamentary Election.

Meanwhile, the reaction of Mbaye Gaye, the NPP chairperson in Banjul would come in our subsequent story.

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