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Impeach President Barrow For Corruption-Amadou Sanneh Asked NAMs

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Hon. Amadou Sanneh, former minister of Finance 

By Buba Gagigo

Amadou Sanneh, the former Finance Minister and current treasurer of the United Democratic Party (UDP), has called on the National Assembly to impeach president Adama Barrow for corruption.

“The national assembly, I will first acknowledge that they (NPP) have the majority with coalition partners, but they’re all in the same boat in this corruption scheme. I would have said, having broken all the rules and regulations in the administration, the finance act, National Assembly, the least they can do for the Gambian people, is to go after him (President Barrow) and impeach him. 

“The loss of D164 million is not chicken change for a poor man struggling. Everybody is crying about the cost of living, the skyrocketing prices, and the poor service deliveries in the health sector and the Agriculture sector. So they should go after this and not just let this thing lie down like that,” Hon. Sanneh to West Coast Radio on Monday.

The former Finance Minister said the government will always give excuses but there should be repercussions to their actions;

“When you break the rules, there should be repercussions. There shouldn’t be impunity, especially if it is at the office of the president. So the National Assembly, whether the President’s allies or the other parties, I think they should go after him and impeach him. Our country will go down the drain and we need to really take up action and say this is not acceptable to the country.

“This is messing up the Country’s resources. It is foul play, it is corruption and people should get up and take action. In what form? I think that’s left to us. If it is going to be a strike all over from the civil servants to the teachers, to doctors, everybody, we have to take action to say look enough is enough. We don’t want this corruption to continue in this country. This corrupt government is really killing this country,” he said

The former Finance Minister was speaking to West Coast Radio about the Securiport contract with the Gambia government when he made these comments. He posited that the entire ‘thing’ (the Securiport contract) was ‘cooked’ up at the office of the president and imposed on Gambians by the Office of the President

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